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Had done this test a decade ago. The trainer used this game to demonstrate the concept of synergy and leadership quality. First, soled the game individually. Then formed teams and selected (by members) one leader for each team. Team collectively solved the problem. Then compared the individual scores with team score. In all cases, team score was better than average scores of team members. Also done several permutations like comparing the best individual score among team members to combined score, leader's score to combined score etc. A lot was there to learn from such games.


Great resource for indoor team building.

Mark Collard - ice-breakers & team-building games expert

There's a couple of ideas here that I have not seen before, so I'm adding them to my repertoire asap. Thanks Grahame...


You have published a fantastic resource.


This was an awesome project to do with my class mates.

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Account Deleted

It was so funny today with my team.

Tobin Crenshaw

This worked very well, thank you!

Kirill Lykov

I'm the head of the non-profit English Club in Novosibirsk State University (Russia).
Your games is pretty well written and I used it in our meetings several times with success. I had known some of these games before due I participated in Intel's trainings but when I tried to find description of these games your web-site was the only one where I could get it for free. Thank you for you work.


Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put together such a wonderful resource for us all to access. God bless you!

Carol Dubery

What a wonderful find. Have just started a youth group for tweens - this site is amazing. God Bless.


only one word to describe this site - Awesome!! may God bless you for the efforts you have put in. - kenman


If only I knew about this site while I was volunteering in Sunday school lol. It would have made things much less painful


@Lukewarm. Thanks for your comment. I write all the discussion starters, talks and reflections myself. The icebreakers and team builder ideas have been collected over 25+ years in youth ministry and come from a variety of public sources. I've just tried to put them together in a way which is helpful to youth workers. At least that's the plan :-)


This is such a great resource. Do you come up with these yourself? Because they are great.

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