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Excellent quotes. 3 of them were new to me. So thanks.


Epic article!!! I am definitely looking forward to reading more posts!


gracias buen blog esto es fantastico

Frank Viola

Good quotes. Nice post.

John Lee

I wholeheartedly agree. thanks for the post. One of my favorite passages on leadership is 1 Corinthians 9. I think Paul is reversing the slogans of the Corinthians (which are self-centered) and he wins by losing. I'd love your thought on my short post. http://www.historyandtheology.com/?p=3827


Our world desperately is seeking SERVANT LEADERS--not just leader for the sake of getting a leaders personal agenda fulfilled. Servant leadership take the time to build relationships and guide the people along. Young people must this from church--or they will find it some where else.

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