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bible kjv

This is an epic site, I will be sure to add this site to my list :D

Anne de R

Thanks Grahame! Just downloaded to pass on to Scripture Union team members here in Pakistan. It's been a long time since we met up on stuff in the North West when I was working in SU schools work. Good to see your name on here! Keep up the good work.


Well i am a new user of this material and based on what i have seen i am very excited to see the change it makes through Jesus...


Thynx for the books

Ayo Oyawale

Hi Graham. Thanks for your splendid write-ups on leading youths for the Kingdom. I really appreciate the contents of your Bible Studies for Youth Leaders and Icebreakers downloads. I've pastored youths for 11 years now and all the materials available here are opening my mind and heart to even greater possibilities. Thank you brother!

Bible Quiz

Great to see leaders trying methods of helping teens study the Bible. Keep up the good work!

In Bible quizzing, they memorize whole chapters and sometimes entire books of the New Testament.

Quizzing is a fun way to encourage youth in church groups to study the Bible.


Hello Lindy. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's always good to hear from folks who visit Insight. I'm glad I could serve you in this way. Don't forget to subscribe (it's free) and all the future articles and resources will be sent direct to your email inbox or RSS feed.


I am new to youth ministry. Coming across your site has been a Godsend. All the things I wanted to do but didn't know how are here. I pray that God will continue to bless and inspire you.


@ Abram K-J. Thanks for your kind comment. I hope your small group leaders and volunteers find it useful.

Abram K-J

This is brilliant. I've linked to it from here:
... for our small group leaders and volunteers. Thank you!!


Thanks for dropping by Brian. Glad to be of help. I subscribe to 'Rethinking Youth Ministry.' Excellent stuff. It certainly makes me think!


Thanks for sharing this excellent resource, Grahame. It looks great and it is so well-written. I'm putting this into the hands of my adult leaders and teen leaders of our group. Keep up the great ministry.


Hello Curtis. Thanks for your comments. It's great to hear from youth guys who visit INSIGHT. I'll do my best to keep posting articles and resources of help to you and others. Just check in from time to time. I'm here to serve. Blessings. Grahame.

Curtis McGill

Your blog is full of "insight." I was recently bemoaning the fact that I couldn't find material such as this when I stumbled across your site. I love not having to reinvent the wheel. It is even more meaningful coming from someone with the experience that you have. Thank you for you longevity, tenacity, and wisdom.


Thanks for the resources Graham! I found your blog through "Life in Student Ministry." After just a brief browse through your articles I was already blessed by some of your insights. I'm pretty new to all of this, so any help means alot! God bless!

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