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Dr. Diana

I am impressed from your writing. You are doing amazing job.

God bless you..



It was an insight indeed
I am glad I read through.


Just found your site today! Looks like a great resource and I can't wait to explore. Just want to say thanks first. :)


Thank you for the share, and congrats for a great blog.


Thanks for your blog, I always love and support fellow christian bloggers because we all share a common goal which is to help others and bring people to christ.

Benito G. Ramos

Your materials are excellent! I am so happy that I accidentally visited your site. :-) God bless you brother hope to meet you in person. :-)

Paultons Park

I recently came across your article and read together. I wish to express my admiration for your writing skills and ability to make readers read from beginning to end. .....

andrew jones

free resources?? you rock. thanks!!!! wish i met you when i was in prague.


Thanks for the Gods work I have been deeply influenced by people like you, Keep up the inspiration going for ages to come. Youth For Jesus | With God Nothing Is Impossible

Youth For Jesus

Angela De Souza

Great blog thanks so much for sharing :)

Alex Sartore

Impacting the youth is impacting our future. Keep up the good work!

Tim Neale

Thanks for all your hardwork and helpful wisdom put on this blog.


I've done a lot of Youthwork (ever since I was a youth) but nearly everyone I speak with at the moments seems to think only the young can do it. I'm glad to see you are not subscribing to that false notion. Experience counts for a lot as your own work shows. Keep up the good work.


@Kevin. Thanks for dropping by. Another 27 years brings me to 80 and still going strong in youth ministry. You never know :-)

Kevin Twombly

Here's to another 27 years Grahame! You are an inspiration.

Mark E

Glad to find this blog. Please keep updating it.


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your encouraging and helpful words. I have been subscribed to "Insight" for a little while now and I've really benefited from it. Thank you for your willingness to share your experience and what you have learned in your years in youth ministry.

Christian Blog and Web Awards

Hi there,

Thanks for your email - we've entered your site under the "Most Inspiring Leadership Blog", as we think that best suits it.


Christian Blog and Web Awards team.


Thanks for dropping by chad. Yeh, but I'm slowing down a bit now :-)The spirit is willing, but the flesh needs to go to the gym!

chad swanzy

27 years... you're a warrior. this is only my 13th year. here's to 27 more.

Paul Bowman

Hi Grahame,
I met you several years ago at an eea youth forum in Prague (I came with a few leaders from Dublin a couple of years). I still remember those times as blessed and deeply insirational. I'm still doing youth ministry. Great to find your blog and looking forward to the wisdom and encourage that will be found here... peace

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