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@Jeremy. Thanks for your comment. Its all about helping the young people we are responsible for to mature and grow in faith.
@Billy. Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment. 'The future of youth ministry..' is an occasional series, but I'll be discussing parents and youth pastors next! Probably a series in its own right :-)

Billy Almaguer

Amen! Great Post! I could not have been said better!

jeremy Little

This was excellent!! This is exactly where I've come to in my own ministry. I've had pastors and board members say they want to see the flashy programs, but all I want to do is see student's truly know and follow Christ! That you for giving some scripture and well put words to support what I've been feeling in my heart for a long time


@Andy. Thanks for your kind words. I've got www.fieldofblog.com in my RSS. Look forward to connecting from time to time.
@Ruam. Thanks for your comment. God bless you.


Thanks for all you do. I don't have a comment specifically for this post, but I check your site daily and love the tips, info, and suggestions.


The article was extremely crisp and well written,easy to understand and helped us understand the prime focus of a youth group.God bless you abundantly!

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