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Thanks for sharing. Nice and interesting activities


i love them all, awesome activities, thank you for sharing

Mr Brad Thomas

Nice games keep up the good work and God bless

Tyler Jones

Wow, now those are some awesome ideas and techniques. I really like them a lot. Very well written and presented.

Wm G. McGuire, PhD

Thank you for providing the 40 icebreakers. I've used many of them in our teambuilding experiences. Dr McGuire, DEOMI

sports camp

I truly value all of the tough effort you have done keeping
this site around for all of us. I really hope this stays online for
a very long while.


Thank you so much for sharing these ideas. Like many of the others, I too have hunted the web and numerous other resources.

Team Building Activities Man

Hi Grahame, thanks for these ideas. I have added some of them to my reptoire of team games.
Best wishes,


thank you so much. These ideas are very helpful!

Team Building

That's the beauty of these sort of team building events (Stephanie)they can be used in so many different ways for so many different types of people. The outcomes are also really flexible, you can tailor them to achieve difference things.


I have searched for so many websites on good youth group material and this one is the first I've seen that has been extremely helpful! It's really nice to have a site to go to, to help out our youth group that is pretty much just starting with a group of 25. Thank you!

Company Away Days

These team building activities are the kind of team building exercises opt for any organization as it reflects workplace issues - favoritism, teamwork, prejudice, leadership, values or working ethics and indirectly shed light on how to overcome these challenges.

Of all the blogs I have read about team building, this is the only post that features team building activities that really help resolve workplace challenges. Thank you for sharing this great information.


@Ann. Thanks for your comment. I have great fun with that game :-)


I love the Egg Drop game - very clever!

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