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Richard Lauby

thank you so much for these ideas. I am a senior pastor and have just had to take over our youth group as our previous youth pastor moved away. these games are very helpful and our kids love them.


thank you for giving us these wonderful Ideas.. I can use these to my students. God Bless you!

Glenda Goddard

Although not a youth leader I run a small study group for new adult Christians and have found your icebreakers are fantastic for getting the group to jell together and help them to feel relaxed and ready for the 'serious' stuff of Bible study and learning more about the Christian life. Adults love to have fun also. You do a fantastic job and this is a great ministry! I thank God for you and what you are doing.


I like the Freeze Frame as a team building warm up activity. Some great resources here!


Thanks for the ideas. We also have monthly gatherings of our youth, and we can use your ice breaker ideas

Mark Collard

Nice work on the ice-breakers Grahame, thank you! To my way of seeing things, a good idea doesn't care who it belongs to....

Framed Prayers and Blessings

These are all great! I remember my favorite game from Youth Group, it was "flip the tarp." Basically, a group of 6-10 people stand on a tarp (piece of cloth) that is just barely big enough to fit everyone. Then, the group must figure out how to flip the tarp over, without anyone falling off. It's quite the brain teaser and really helps everyone work together!

David Jones Marbaniang

Dear Knox, Your blog is incredibly helpful. I have been using the 40 ice breaker in many occasions and they work just amazing. Keep up the goo work. Thanks!
David, India

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I would like to say that the game is superb. It is full of entertainment. I will come again to see new updates. Thanks for posting. Keep it up.


I'm bless with this icebreakers


Thank you for this ministry! :)

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This is an excellent post. I admire your efforts. I will come again to check new updates. Thanks for sharing it.


I would like to thank you for the efforts you've made in writing this posting.
I'm hoping the same very best function from you inside future too.

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Good ideas for youth group in ice breaks. My favorite one game is word play.

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Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your post. Nice blog man, please keep up the good work!


Thank you for the icebreakers! I'm teaching in China so no preaching or religeous references! They're ideal for the large classes I have and I'll certainly be using some of the best ones.
Thank you again.

Mpanga Wilson

Thnk u so much dr,yo ice breaker are a real blessing 2 us. May God bless u indeed

Froilan Jimenez

These are great games. Do you have good game for all women. I have a ministry in women's correctional they love games. God bless you all!

Youth Group Games

Some great games here - thanks for sharing. I'd forgotten all about Chocolate Chomp - I remember playing it as a kid, desperately putting the clothes on so I could start eating the chocolate :)

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Thats a great news that we have 10 more Icebreakers who will help the youth group to reach their goals.thanks a lot for sharing this information with us.

Lewis Williams

Thanks so much for your experiences and sharing them this way. they are life savers for busy teen group leaders. thanks for your help.

Benjer McVeigh

Love it. Thanks for the ideas!

Emily Sill

Thank you for this ministry! :)

Lorna Holland

Thank you!
I am not a 'proper' youth worker - I am a mum who said 'I don't mind helping'...
Your sharing is very much appreciated.

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