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Thanks Len,

Great idea. I've made a note of it. Now, where did my daughter put that PlayDoh?


My favorite Chistmas game to do with students is Chistmas PlayDoh Pictionary where they form objects (santa, wreath, manger, etc) out of clay rather than draw them while their team tries to figure out what it is. One person from each comes to the leader where they show them the word then they run back to the table to create it and the first team to guess it, wins.


Hello cadman,

Thanks for your kind comment. I appreciate your subscription. I usually post once a week and I hope I can serve you well in the future.


Hi Len,

Thanks for dropping by. Hope the resources work well for you. Let me know any 'improvements' you make - always willing to learn and make the stuff better.

cadman (Skipper Brock)

Great stuff, Grahame. I am impressed with what you have in your blog and I signed up for your e-mail subscription.


Great stuff Grahame. I will be using some of these with my church. Thank you.

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